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Climate conscious transportation

Our love affair with the automobile—that venerable child of the industrial age—has lasted for more than a century. Since Henry Ford first popularized the notion of mass private car ownership, few possessions have been more symbolic of individual freedom. Remember the first time you sat behind the wheel of one of these great contraptions, fearful but excited? The rumble of the engine quickened as you placed your foot on the accelerator. Or perhaps you recall the sound of screeching rubber as you struggled to tame the massive beast into submission. Getting that first driver’s license ranks among the most important events in many people’s lives. That little laminated scrap of paper represents the ticket to a new way of life, a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood.

Unfortunately, our embrace of autos has come at a high price. For many of us, transportation is our biggest single contributor to global warming. The average two car household  spews up to 30,000 pounds (13,683 kg) of CO2 into the air each year just from driving and air travel. There is a better way to get from point A to B without shortchanging our children’s future on this planet.

The Climate Diet provides a wealth of information and numerous strategies for reducing the climate impact of transportation including:

  • Useful tips for those of us who “must” buy a private vehicle, including 2008 model year fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions data for selected brands.
  • Strategies for getting more out of what you already have.
  • Providing tools you can use calculate the relative climate effects of different transportation choices, especially public transport.
  • A primer on the global warming effect of air transportation.
  • An analysis of new alternative fuels including ethanol, biodiesel, electric and hydrogen, including a discussion of why “new” does not always mean better when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



climate diet

The Climate Diet is the must-have guide to the most important diet ever. If we all participate, the greenhouse gas emissions bulge can be beaten, leaving us with a slim healthy planet now and for the future.

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