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Climate friendly shopping, eating, recycling and more

Shopping. Few things incite more excitement in the hearts of frenzied consumers than the allure of all things new. It is no coincidence that the word “new” is so popular with marketers, who go to great lengths to convince us that the “perfect” new Land Rover, Donna Karen dress or Gucci bag that they convinced us to buy last year just doesn’t cut it anymore. And no, just one or two brands of toothpaste or soap will do. We need hundreds to choose from.

Unfortunately, there is a real environmental downside to extreme over consumption. If we are going to really tackle the climate crisis, it is critical that we develop a better understanding of how our shopping, eating and waste disposal habits affect our atmosphere so we can make smarter consumer choices that not only satisfy our current needs, but also help us to be better stewards of the planet and preserve resources for future generations. We need to lift the seductive veil that shrouds our polluting ways in secrecy. Enter The Climate Diet.

One reason why most of us do not think about the environmental costs of shopping and eating is that the resources used to extract, manufacture, distribute, market, consume and ultimately dispose of the mountains of products that we crave every year are largely hidden from view. The little island my family lives on has no factories, waste disposal sites, power plants or water treatment facilities. But it is squeaky clean and has no shortage of parks, trees, birds or open spaces. It would be easy to conclude that we all live virtuous, sustainable lifestyles. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually everything we consume comes from elsewhere. But someone is paying the price for our conspicuous consumption; including the Chinese factory workers that labor 18 hours a day in dangerous working conditions, and people living next to the coal mine, power plant or oil well that provides the energy that keeps us going.

The Climate Diet offers a number of strategies that can help us to reduce our consumption of unsustainably produced products and services by:

  • Uncovering the story behind the embedded energy used to produce common products that we consume and discard with abandon.
  • Examining the comparative effects of different food choices on the climate and the animals over which we exercise stewardship. Did you know that producing 2.2. pounds (one kg) of beef (before processing) requires 35 pounds (16 kg) of grain, 26,420 gallons (100,000 L) of water and creates a minimum of 25.5 pounds (11.6 kg) of greenhouse gas emissions (Goodall 2005)? The Climate Diet provides a calculator that you can use to determine the relative greenhouse gas emissions resulting from different food choices.
  • Providing useful information about composting and the climate benefits of recycling vs. landfill storage of household waste. The Climate Diet provides a calculator that you can use to measure and compare different types of waste processing techniques.
  • Providing suggestions about how we can reduce waste while still expressing our love for others on holidays and special occasions.
  • Discussing the social and environmental benefits of buying organic and locally produced food.

The Climate Diet's consistent message is: just consume less. And when we do need to buy something, consciously choose products and services that have the smallest environmental impact and are built to last. Resist the lure of thousands of marketing cues that bombard our senses each and every day. Instead of taking your kids to the mall, why not enjoy an evening at home or a leisurely walk along your favorite nature trail? Reconnect with your friends and family. Talk with your spouse or significant other. Smell the roses.




climate diet

The Climate Diet is the must-have guide to the most important diet ever. If we all participate, the greenhouse gas emissions bulge can be beaten, leaving us with a slim healthy planet now and for the future.

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