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Ten Good Reasons to go on a Climate Diet

Do you still need a reason to start doing something about the climate crisis? Well here are ten good reasons to go on a Climate Diet. Mother Earth does not care what our motivation is; God, a love of nature, money or self-preservation, but only that we make a decision to take personal responsibility to reduce our production of the greenhouse gases that are warming our world.

Reason 1: Somebody has to do it!
Reason 2: Our model of sustainable development is not sustainable.
Reason 3: Global warming: It is in your backyard.
Reason 4: Alleviate climate change-related suffering in the developing world.
Reason 5: Rectify past harm done to our climate.
Reason 6: Be better stewards.
Reason 7: Beat the “affluenza” bug.
Reason 8: Save the commons.
Reason 9: Save money!
Reason 10: Save nature for its own sake.

For a complete explanation of each of these Ten Good Reasons to go on a Climate Diet, pick up your own copy of The Climate Diet today.





climate diet

The Climate Diet is the must-have guide to the most important diet ever. If we all participate, the greenhouse gas emissions bulge can be beaten, leaving us with a slim healthy planet now and for the future.

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